Protecting Students – Concerns Over CV19 Vaccines

CV19 VAXX – Harm and Murder in plain sight: Violations of the Nuremberg Code

For any university or school to require students to take the CV19 VAXX is a violation of the Nuremberg Code. Coercing or forcing students to take the CV19 VAXX is not informed consent. Mainstream media and many universities are actually actively blocking and denying any information on the VAXX that is negative or expresses concern.

This is but a partial list of the harm and death caused by CV19 “vaccines”:  There are hundreds of videos on Bitchute alone – and other video platforms – describing the injury and expressing concerns over the CV19 VAXXes. YouTube has deleted all such videos and canceled the accounts of people who have posted such concerns, seeking to censor and hide the data and information from the public. 

We need to recall the Thalidomide Tragedy of the late 1950’s/early 1960’s: Thalidomide-tragedy-lessons-drug-safety-and-regulation A drug that was not thoroughly tested delivered tragic results to many families. The CV19 VAXX appears to be many times more damaging. Already many thousands of people have been killed and tens of thousands harmed by the CV19 VAXXes.

These are early days still… the full impact of the CV19 VAXXes will show itself over the coming 12 to 24 months.  The VAXXes are NOT SAFE. To say otherwise is to ignore thousands of voices of concern and the increasing data showing death and injury from the CV19 VAXXes. The censorship of this data describing death and harm is brutal, loud and relentless. Those acts to hide and censor the data keep large numbers of the population from crucial information needed to make informed decisions. 

Consider the Nuremberg Code developed from the trials of German medical doctors after WW2:

German doctors were tried and hung by the neck until death for their experiments on the mentally impaired and prisoners who did not give informed consent. Similar experiments are happening now in the USA with the CV19 VAXXes. People who have been told the VAXX is SAFE are coerced and forced to take the jab to keep their jobs or to attend school. The mentally impaired are forced to take the CV19 VAXX. This is happening in the USA now. The information and data showing strong concern is censored and withheld from the People. The People are being forced to take an experimental drug without informed consent. This is a violation of the Nuremberg Code. The death and harm being forced on millions is a mass murder. Nazi doctors were put to death after WW2 for doing this. Yet, it is happening in the USA at this very moment. This is a horrific abuse and is murder.


Mainstream media and political leadership within the USA can try to deny the data and concerns or hide the data and concerns or censor it away but the truth of it remains.  We need a 2nd Nuremberg trial, after we STOP THE CV19 VAXXes.

Harm and murder are actively taking place in the USA every day with these coerced and forced CV19 VAXXes. To force young college students to take the VAXX is heinous. Those young people have little risk of a bad CV19 event. Inexpensive and effective drugs are readily available to treat those small number who might react badly to CV19. Those drugs, hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin, are being kept from use in treatment by the CDC and others of authority. Instead, the CV19 VAXX with the harms of infertility/sterility, autoimmune diseases, nervous system disorders, prion disease concerns, and impaired immune systems are being forced on those young people without informed consent.

Young people are told the CV19 VAXXes are SAFE…. a complete and horrific lie. Harm and murder are the manifesting result of these forced and coerced CV19 VAXX experiments. 

For any university, college or school leadership to demand young students take the VAXX is an act of wanton harm and murder on a large scale. Worse than any school shooting that has ever occurred. Yet, it is happening right now throughout the USA. It is horrific! Where is the morale courage of our political, medical, judicial and corporate leadership to stop this?

The numbers harmed and killed by the CV19 VAXXes seem destined to eclipse the numbers harmed by the medical experiments inside the concentration camps of Nazi Germany.  That is what we are facing in the USA right now. And worldwide.

For the leadership of universities, colleges or schools to force CV19 VAXXes on students is criminal and reprehensible. No leadership – be they political, academic, judicial, corporate or medical – who is forcing the CV19 VAXXes on the population can say they did not realize what they were doing. This is harm and murder, writ large.

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