About Us

“A Well-Informed Electorate Is a Prerequisite for Democracy”

This site was created to help people find the best Alternative Media sites and news sources. We look for the most informative sites for the “rest of the news”.  The ongoing consolidation of mass media in the USA is limiting the scope of breadth of information available to the American citizen. This site was created to help Americans find the information and news that Mainstream Media will not show.

A well informed citizenry is required for our Constitutional Republic to function. If the American citizen is blinded to information and news by the powerful elite who own all the media we can all slowly be striped of our rights, liberties and freedoms by those who seek to control and dominate the American People.

The precious freedoms and liberties spelled out and granted by the US Constitution have come under attack over the past few decades. Freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and the liberties of the People are being slowly squeezed out of existence by the acts of an increasingly wealthy and politically powerful few. Those few seem to be globalist rather than US nationalist. They seek to level down the quality of life for over 90% of Americans as they erase national borders, limit freedoms and liberties and impose a tyranny of control all under the rubric of “social justice”. Only an informed and awake American Citizenry can see the encroaching tyranny of the globalist Elites. Hence, this site.


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