State of War

The USA and the world have been under attack. The CV19 plandemic and the use of the bio-weapon VAXX are part of that attack.  It has been what is called 5th Generation Warfare  waged by misinformation, lies, propaganda, capture and control of media and the formerly trusted organizations of medicine and government.

Many Americans are now aware of the war being waged upon them. Many citizens around the world also are aware of this wars purpose to decimate the human population and enslave the small group of survivors.

The other articles on this website have well described this war and the globalist elite cabal who are waging this merciless and brutal attack on humanity.

The video below is titled “Killbox”.  It describes the global war on humanity.


We will add to this post over time. The important point is for folks to watch the video above and embrace an understanding of this war being waged upon them and upon humanity.

As the video notes, there are many people who mentally struggle to overcome their resistance to understanding that we are in a war because they cannot function in a world with such evil and corruption. They want to believe the world is not as it actually is.

Time for all of us as humanity to grow up as we need one another to resist and overcome in order to survive this war and stop providing support and energy to those who are waging it.

There are links to many sites on the right side of this web page. You’ll see links to folks such as Ben Fulford who speak about the war and the controlling elite who are waging this brutal war on humanity.  Learn from him about the Khazarian Mafia – who they are and what they believe.  Also  there is a link to United Network News where Kim Goguen has been exposing the truth of our world and the entities who have controlled it.  Kim exposes ancient truths and she speaks about the transition that is occurring on Earth.  Clif High presents similar details on this War and the entities waging it against humanity in his substack. That is fascinating reading.  A very brave and bright woman is Karen Kingston. She has been exposing the technology behind the VAXX creation and the patents behind the technology. Karen publishes The Kingston Report.  Read that report to understand the science and technology and the patents that were developed over many years to create the bio-weapon that was rolled-out as a “vaccine”. It was actually a bio-weapon for harm and death. Karen describes it all quite well.

Karen Kingston describes the bio-weapon harm in the video below. She was interviewed in Sweden…


The video below provides background to the video shown at the top of this page.


The website for Katherine Watt, the speaker in the above video, is here. Much more background information on all that she speaks to is there on her website. She makes a case for treason  charges against many in leadership positions in the USA who had a hand in delivering the lies, harm and death to the American people.

Here is another important video for background on this WAR. The global financial system is part of this war:


The video that follows below is an interview with James Howard Kunstler. It presents an easy to follow view of the crazy political and social situation in the USA.  Read his blog – Clusterfuck Nation

Childhoods End

To understand the dark and light forces involved in the War, the video below from Probably Alexandra provides an introduction and overview. She analyzes a US Army PsyOps recruiting video. That is a good intro to 5th Generation Warfare (5GW) and to the dark and light forces waging this global war.

Control of your mind and beliefs is critical to the war that is underway. That is 5GW.  The video below shows the US Army’s thoughts on that and the global war we are now in – they are everywhere, they say. We seem to be living in a 5GW style of war, but WAR nonetheless.

The video below describes the light and dark forces who are at work in this global war and how they present themselves. You may need to watch it more than once. It will challenge you…


Seems the March 2023 Nashville school shooter changed her shoes in the 14 minutes from when she entered the building to when she was shot.

This is a link to a book on 5th Generation Warfare. It comes from the light forces in this war. Both sides are playing for control. They know one another well. This book is part of the game. If you have no idea what 5GW is this book can help you become aware of how this War is being waged. The techniques are used to control and dominate you. Good to be aware of this. It will change how you see events unfolding in the world once you better understand the who and how of this war. Understand 5GW.

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