The Attack on Alternative Media

Alternative Media is a source of information and news that is under attack from those who desire to control information and knowledge. Those who attack Alternative Media desire to silence these free entities.

You can see these attacks in many forms. Some attacks seek to shut down an Alternative News source by calling it racist, homophobic, xenophobic or bigoted. Other attacks will suggest Alternative Media is “fake news”.

The point of these attacks is to silence these information and news sources. The owners of Mainstream Media  who are Globalist Elite seek to control information and knowledge. They desire a population that is unaware and compliant. Knowledge, information and awareness make people stronger and less susceptible to control and manipulation.  It is easier to control and dominate a People when those People are kept away from facts and truth. Alternative Media exposes and describes “what is what” and “who is who”. The Globalist Elite who seek to control and dominate hate that.

Ownership of mass media is consolidating into the hands of a few. The Mainstream Media in the United States is slowly becoming a Ministry of Propaganda.  They puppet stories and views that are carefully controlled by a small group of Globalist Elites.  Only select stories and viewpoints are aired or tolerated. Free speech slowly disappears as it is attacked and controlled.

Alternative Media are the sources for knowledge and information that Mainstream Media will not present.

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