Mainstream Media – Propaganda and Misinformation

Do you know about “mainstream media”? They are the big television networks and mass media outlets that deliver the majority of the news and information most Americans see, read and hear. Mainstream media is increasingly just propaganda from its owners. Propaganda is designed to control and mold the outlook and views of a population. It seeks to shape and alter understanding and viewpoint by the information content it shows. The news and information from Mainstream Media is carefully selected to persuade and control what you see, hear and read. The mass of people in the USA are being controlled by an elite few.

In the United States there are six large corporations that own over 90% of all media: television, radio and print. That means those six large corporations decide what most Americans see and believe to be true. That concentration of information control is worrisome. Knowledge is power. Controlling that knowledge is extreme power.

More of that power is being concentrated in the hands of a few large corporations and their owners. This concentration of media power has been going on since 1996 when the Clinton administration approved changes to the law to permit the mass media consolidation to occur. It was the 1996 Telecommunications Act that started the consolidation of ownership and control. Title 3 of that act allowed media cross ownership thus starting the massive consolidation of media that Americans suffer from today. Most Americans get their information and worldview from Mainstream Media. Those Americans are being manipulated and controlled by an elite few.

Mainstream Media

Who is Mainstream Media? The Big Six of mainstream media are Comcast, The Walt Disney Company, News Corporation, Time Warner, Viacom and CBS Corporation. Those six large corporations control just about everything most Americans see and believe to be true. These six corporations own many of the television, movie, radio, news print and book publishers within the United States and internationally. These six corporations are controlled by a small number of wealthy and powerful elites. They decide what you get to see and they tell you how to think about what they are showing you. Think about that.

mainstream media


Alternative media are usually small, independent or uncontrolled sources of news and information. The alternative media can and does present information, news stories, facts and events that the mainstream media will not show or is not permitted to show. For anyone who wants to know what is going on in the world Alternative Media is increasingly the place to go.

If your only news source is Mainstream Media you are dining on a diet of propaganda that serves the interests of a small handful of very large and powerful corporations and those corporate owners. You are missing important information and you are getting a skewed and incomplete understanding of the world when you limit your information to what comes out of Mainstream Media. You know that, right?

This site is set-up to show you the top Alternative Media sources. Your freedom of thought and understanding of the world depend upon the quality and completeness of information. You cannot just rely upon Mainstream Media for information. Mainstream Media is set-up to present a narrow and select world view. It is set-up to control you and dumb you down. Do better. Find good alternative sources for your news and information. Don’t let a small group of global elites control you or blind you to the reality of the world.

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