End Game – This Monstrous Mass Murder Attempt is in Final Stage

The horrific mass murder, deception and harm that has been unleashed on the People of the USA and western civilization is obvious to many. Destruction, harm and murder cannot long be hidden from even the more docile and unaware of the population.


The wanton destruction of the USA by the current political leadership is obvious to many. Here is a lighter take on a reality that is painfully obvious:


The dwindling possibility of a fruitful life for most Americans is well expressed in this article: A threat to human civilization.

Finally, Karen Kingston once again presents the case against Big Pharma that was the tool to unleash this harm, murder and deceit. Amazing to think doctors would take a $300k+ award for getting 75% of their patients injected with a CV19 VAXX bio-weapon that is slowly manifesting as harm, death and sterility in the people who fell victim to the lies and hysteria. Profiteering from inflicting harm and death is an inversion of the oath doctors take to do no harm… now turned into ‘take the money to inflict harm and kill”.

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