Murder, Harm, Corrupted Science and Corrupted Medicine = MASS MURDER

Very few people will read this post or the articles on this web site. This is not a highly ranked site and the search engines will not show it.  The message of this site is not the “approved narrative”, so the Sheeple who are being lied to, harmed and murdered are not to see this. Those gullible idiots are instead meant to live in fear, wear masks and submit themselves and their children to DNA altering injections that will damage their immune systems and make many of them sterile… never to reproduce. That sterility is another way to kill a people off… remove them from the face of the Earth. Mass Murder comes in many forms.

Here is another telling of the mass murder: CV19 Vax Nothing Short of Horrific Experiment


This article by Kunstler also tells the story: Satan is the father of lies and we have become Satanic, being and doing evil, most especially to ourselves….

It seems about 30% of our population will never understand the harm and mass murder being committed in front of them. They watch mainstream media, listen to NPR, believe Fauci and the CDC, live in fear, wear masks, will submit to lockdowns, and will even have their children injected with the CV19 poisons. There seems to be no stopping that crazy train. Those human lemmings are going to run over the cliff. God reclaim and love their poor ignorant, foolish souls.

For the People who understand we are in a War with mass murder being committed in front of us everyday it is time to resist. Resistance can be as simple as not cooperating, not helping or supporting the lies, not helping or supporting the inverted science and corrupted, harmful medicine is a start. Resist. We need one another to stop this harm and overcome this mass murder and these ongoing crimes against humanity.

Do not give any support or energy to the murderous system that is pushing the fear, lies, poisonous CV19 injections, masks or lock-downs. That system is darkness and is evil.

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KILLING and HARMING the US Military

The CV19 VAXX was mandated for US military personnel. There has now been an explosion in cancers and other inflammatory diseases within the military ranks. This was intentional.



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