A Matter of Life or Death… getting the CV19 VAXX

This fella let us know getting the VAXX is important: “a matter of life or death”.  He got the CV19 VAXX and a booster.  Now he is dead:


Perfect example for the rest of humanity.

This CV19 VAXX “science” is so wrong, harmful and stupid it defies belief. Sure, if you’re an idiot, get the CV19 VAXX and get a “booster” or two then  end up like Gottfried: DEAD. The VAXX is a slow kill technology (i.e. a bio-weapon) but it does work more quickly on some people than others.


VIDEO NOTE: Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and a former Pfizer employee. She has researched and written about many aspects of the CV19 VAXXes.  Kingston explains, “We are being lied to at such a level it is difficult for people to comprehend. The American people and global citizens were told the injections were vaccines. In fact, when you look at the patents, they call them bioweapons. They call them ‘toxins,’ they call them ‘agents of chemical biowarfare’. . .

Unfortunately, too many confused people believed the crap, inverted “science” quoted by folks such as Fauci and all the lies from media and political talking heads telling each of us to take the VAXX.  Many people have harmed themselves by taking the CV19 VAXX and often family members and their children have been injected as well.  That is sad and pitiful. Those sort of people are referred to as the “Normies”.  Some of them actually believed if they took the VAXX things would return to normal… that is pitiful. We are in a global WAR. You don’t stupidly stand in front of oncoming bullets being fired at you  volunteering to be shot by those who wish you dead to end war. Unless your goal is to be a dead loser.

This CV19 VAXX craziness seems to be shaping-up to be some brutal Darwinian culling of the herd. Almost an IQ test of sorts. You take the CV19 VAXX and boosters and you are acting like an idiot. You are harming yourself.

Take a look at this video that reviews the data from a country that went full medical Fascist on their population, demanding and requiring their citizens take the CV19 VAXX. The results of that are coming in…


Increased Risk of Heart Inflammation

CV19 VAXX increases the risk of severe heart inflammation up to 120 times: Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  The damage to young men is stunning from Myocarditis. And we are seeing an alarming jump in cancers now as well…


It becomes hard to find the words to express the dismay felt over the VAXX “science” that many people believed. That junk “science” was and is inverted science and is lies.  The harm and murder being committed using that CV19 VAXX is astounding.  We are watching mass harm and murder and crimes against humanity each day right in front of us.

We are told by despicables such as Fauci  that the “science” is crystal clear to take the jab. That is false. THE TRUTH: Real science and real medicine and real data analysis that have not been corrupted and inverted tell us clearly NOT to take that poisonous VAXX gene therapy injection. Read this: The Covid19 Lies

The Truth About Anthony Fauci

Anthony FauciWhy is Anthony Fauci not under arrest for mass murder and crimes against humanity?

The Harming and Killing of Students

The harm being done to university students who have been coerced and  forced to take the experimental VAXX jab by their college Presidents and Deans is stunning. Those school and university leaders who have forced and coerced students to take the CV19 VAXX are despicable. They have inflicted mass harm and slow death on many of the students in their care.

Those university and school “leaders” ignored all the warnings and alarming data and instead chose to willfully act with result that will harm and kill many students.  The data and concern from experts was available to them so as NOT to force the VAXX, but they ignored all that information and forced the VAXX on students anyway. They thought they had legal protection in doing so and would never be held accountable. The VAXX data they presented was a fraud as was the CV19 data. They supported and perpetrated a massive, harmful fraud on the students in their care. That is despicable. It is horrific. It seems criminal. Those “leaders” are absolutely deserving of scorn. They failed the students in their care and acted to force and coerce students by use of incomplete and fraudulent information to submit to harmful and killing experimental injections.

Crimes Against Humanity

The VAXX roll-out is insane… it is mass stupidity, mass psychosis, and mass murder. The “Normies” watch mainstream TV and get filled to the brim with VAXX lies, fear porn and misinformation and then take the VAXX and incredibly even take their children to get the VAXX!  OMG… the stupidity and tragedy of that act is stunning.  Some Normies are so confused and mentally broken they act out in ways such as this…


It is even  admitted by the murderers and whores pushing this swill called a CV19 VAXX that it does not prevent anyone from getting or transmitting CV19… at best – they say- it can lessen the effects of CV19. But even that assertion seems to be crumbling under the data. A new Danish study (pre-printed in The Lancet) shows that mRNA vaccines offer no all-cause mortality benefits. Zero. Nada.  See the video below…


Folks, the CV19 VAXX is killing and harming people in the many tens of thousands, if not MUCH more.  The VAERS database is less than 10% of actual cases: just a fraction of what is actually happening. DO NOT take the VAXX that is proven to harm and kill people. Read that prior sentence again if you need to.

Read about the harm caused by the VAXX by clicking here.

Our hospitals have become killing fields. The protocols they have used for CV19 have harmed and killed – and are harming and killing – people in the tens of thousands, if not much much more:


How do we stop this insanity, harm and mass murder? We suffer from regulatory capture where our medical establishment has been inverted and corrupted to support this harm, murder and insanity.

Mainstream media is owned and controlled by a powerful few who have inverted it to deliver a non-stop fountain of lies, misinformation, fear porn and untruth.

Who is pushing this harm and mass murder? Read this: https://kunstler.com/clusterfuck-nation/naming-names/

Most people in the USA and in other countries seem not to know they have been assaulted with a VAXX bio-weapon and targeted for death.

Such Is The WAR We Are In

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