This Shitshow Can’t Go On

This very good article describes our coming future:

Who knows when the money lie and debt bomb will explode in the USA. 95% of  Americans will see a drop in quality of life if this Great Reset is permitted to go forward as the Globalist Elite desire. Being poor and enslaved is not a welcome future. Many Americans seem blindly willing to walk into that future. They are truly the walking dead. Those zombies don’t even realize we are in a global War for our future right now.

The zombies watch mainstream media, such as CNN, Fox or NPR, etc., and have no clue to the intentional harm and war currently underway. Their heads are filled with the lies, misinformation, fear porn and propaganda pouring out from mainstream media everyday. The zombies – some call them the “normies” – are clueless.  They will wear masks, take a CV19 Booster and submit to their enslavement.

Here is Greg Hunter pointing out some of the many lies pushed-out by mainstream media onto the masses. Mainstream media is a fountain of lies and misinformation.


Given the stupidity and cluelessness of many Americans who walk around in masks and think getting a CV19 VAXX and booster is wise, how long – with this level of mass idiocy – can the machine of our economy and comfortable lives continue in the USA?

There certainly seem to be Satanic forces loose in our world, fairly easy to see these days. They seem hellbent on harming and killing many millions of people and seem quite willing to break our economy in the USA to bring that harm and death about.

What are we surviving into? What future awaits?

Here’s Cavuto almost dead after taking the VAXX:

Yet, he has Fauci on to talk about how fortunate he was to have taken the VAXX.  The stupidity of this is off the charts.

Much of the data coming out seems to show that Fauci is a lying mass murderer. Yet, he is still treated with respect and awe by mainstream media. Many people at this day absolutely believe Fauci is a lying, mass murderer committing crimes against humanity!

Cavuto can’t seem to accept the notion that he harmed himself by taking that poison (a bio-weapon)  called the CV19 VAXX.

Amazing to watch mainstream TV news shows. So much untruth and pure propaganda and misinformation pours forth. Sadly, stupid-as-hell people sit in front of their TVs and voluntarily absorb the programing and misinformation. Those simple people are defenseless against the weapons of war being used in this WAR We Are All In.

The site Editor really struggled to not use hard words in this article to describe the foolishness so many people inflict on themselves these days by believing the lies and propaganda pouring forth from mainstream media site.  It is disappointing to know so many of our fellow Americans are so blind and so willing to accept harm and enslavement. If you enjoyed this read, Buy the Editor a Coffee. He needs it.

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