The Bifurcation of US Society – the Fear Porn believers vs the mRNA/Mask Lie Rejectors


This video replaces the original video posted with this article. The original video was removed from YouTube. During 2020 and 2021 Youtube aggressively deleted YT channels and removed videos that did not follow their approved narrative on Covid19 or the CV19 VAXX.

In the originally posted video, Dr. Christiane Northrup talked about the attacks the truth-tellers in the medical community have endured and are enduring now, the number of nurses and doctors who refuse to take or give the mRNA jabs, and the irreversible damage done by the mRNA or spike protein gene altering treatments.

The last third of the prior video – that was removed from Youtube – spoke to the damage done that is irreversible from mRNA jabs and the coming effects on the population who have taken the jab. She was describing the “slow kill” effects of mRNA.

Dr. Northrup talked about the bifurcation of our society in the USA into those who accept the mainstream news CV19 Fear Porn with the virus variant threat narrative as a reason to take the mRNA jabs – relentlessly being pushed out by CNN, MSNBC, FOX and other mainstream “news” sources – in contrast to the other third of our population who see the Big Lie of CV19 and the profound harm and danger of mRNA gene treatments.

Our society is bifurcating. The middle third seems open to going either way.

Sadly, Dr. Northrup expressed the opinion in the earlier video that we can’t save that 30%+ who believe the Fear Porn and take the mRNA jab. Their fate is sealed. That fate is coming sickness and death as the “slow kill” effects of the VAXX manifest in people who got the jab. She too mentioned the Thalidomide disaster of the late 50s/early 60s as a warning example of an untested drug. We have recently seen others using that comparison too who are warning against the mRNA jabs. When a drug is rolled out without proper prior testing terrible results can follow.

Worrisomely, she mentioned that those who have taken the mRNA jab may develop a prion disease: Her concern is that this is contagious. She warns to stay away from those who have taken the mRNA jabs as they will become contagious carriers/generators. That, if true, is truly worrisome. It is one thing to watch 40% of Americans kill themselves, it is quite another to have those 40% become carriers of a contagious disease as they get sick and die. Let’s hope that concern is not real. If it is, the bifurcation will develop quickly as people try to protect themselves from the mRNA VAXXed walking dead.

In 2019 the Deagel Report posted a population forecast for the nations of the world. It showed a dramatic decrease in the US population from 330 million people in 2019 to 99 million people in 2025. Most readers couldn’t understand how this could happen when they first saw the report in 2019. Here we are in 2021 and it is now very clear how this population reduction can happen:  (Editor Note: Deagel dropped the 2025 forecast from their website in mid-April 2021).

The USA population of 330 million in 2019 drops to 99 million in 2025. Even though that was hard to imagine when the forecast came out in 2019 we are seeing the harm and excess deaths now in late 2021 coming to those who got the CV19 VAXX. More and more stories of VAXX injury and death come out every passing week. This news of harm and death is expected to get worse each month throughout 2022. Many of the people who got the VAXX are expected to die from its effects on their body. It is a “slow kill” process.

Sadly, it will get easier still to imagine all the deaths – and the large population decline in the USA – as we enter the year 2022 as more of the people who were VAXXed in 2021 suffer the consequences that so many doctors warned about. Those doctors who tried their best to sound the alarm in 2021 as the VAXX was being rolled-out were attacked in the USA by mainstream media and censored by YouTube and many other social media platforms. Those doctors and medical experts also had their reputations ruined and many faced calls to be fired or to have their license revoked. That is what happened to the brave Doctors who tried to warn the People about the dangers of the CV19 VAXX.

Let’s hope that 2019 population reduction prediction from the Deagel Report for the USA is wrong: very wrong.  Note: Australia was projected to drop to a population of 15 million in 2025 from a population of 25 million in 2019. Given the Fascist Police State that has developed in Australia as of September 2021, it is easy to see Australia going down. The UK was projected to drop from 65 million in 2019 to 14 million by 2025. The projected population declines in Europe, North America and Australia/New Zealand are horrific. If you look at who the Deagel Report suggests is going to get hit hardest by the population die-off you see it is the Caucasian/European people of the world. They are being decimated.

It is Europe and the USA/Canada that primarily suffer these huge population decreases. In other countries of the world, not much of a population decline is expected – if anything at all – according to the Deagel Report of 2019. Who could be out there with an agenda to destroy the Sons of Esau and Amalek people of the USA/Europe? It’s an agenda of utter destruction. Who has that calling?… and the wealth and political/media control to make it happen? Who? Do your research. They openly describe their calling. You must have ears to hear.

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ABOUT the Doctor speaking in the linked Video: Christiane Northrup, M.D., visionary pioneer in women’s health, is a board-certified OB/GYN with more than thirty years of clinical experience, former assistant clinical professor of OB/GYN at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, and three-time New York Times bestselling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause and Goddesses Never Age. In 2013, Reader’s Digest named Dr. Northrup one of the “100 Most Trusted People in America.”

In 2016, she was named one of Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul 100, a group of leaders who are using their voices and talent to awaken humanity. And in 2020 & 2021, she was included in the Watkins Spiritual 100, a list of living people that make a unique and spiritual contribution on a global scale.

Internationally known for her empowering approach, Dr. Northrup embraces medicine that acknowledges the unity of mind, body, emotions, and spirit, and teaches women to create health by tuning into their inner wisdom.

After decades spent transforming women’s understanding of their sacred bodies and processes, Dr. Northrup now teaches women to thrive at every stage of life.

As a business owner, physician, former surgeon, mother, writer, speaker, and, according to Miriam Ava Ph.D., a “rebel, rock star and authority on what can go right with the female body,” Dr. Northrup acknowledges our individual and collective capacity for growth, freedom, joy, and balance.

Dr. Northrup has also hosted eight highly successful public-television specials, and her work has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, the Today Show, NBC Nightly News, The View, Rachael Ray, Good Morning America, 20/20, and The Dr. Oz Show, among many others. Don’t miss Dr. Northrup’s cutting-edge information. Join her worldwide community on


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