Schwab and Zelensky

Klaus Schwab at the beach:


The Klaus Schwab view of the future:


Zelensky dancing and singing:


and Zelensky dancing naked again…


Zelensky tells us how he feels about cocaine.


Zelensky is a puppet and a joke.  He is a servant of masters who have run Ukraine as a giant money laundry, a global center for criminal enterprise and a center for the sex trade. Oh, and those many bio-labs in the Ukraine – funded by the USA – working on very dangerous pathogens are really nice too. Good grief, give us a break!

When it became clear that Russia would enter and take the Bio-Labs in the Ukraine, US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland then testified in early March 2022 at a Congressional Hearing to “get in front of the story”…


The Bidens have pulled money out of the Ukraine and look at what the Pelosi family does there to make money, and the family of Lurch the Ketchup King. The place has been a center for corruption that enriches powerful Elite who feed on that corruption. The idea of defending a corrupt Ukraine government that was put in power via a coup in 2014 is ridiculous. No American should support that stupidity.

The Ukraine government banned all other parties and supports and is protected by Neo-Nazis. Defending a country of Neo-Nazis running a massive criminal enterprise is not inspiring. Trying to make Zelensky out as a hero is profoundly ridiculous… but I suppose there are the Sheeple who will watch mainstream TV in the USA and believe anything.

This global War we are all in is profoundly stupid at times. A person would have to be quite an idiot and fool to believe the story being pumped out by the Globalist Elite through their owned and controlled mainstream media. Yeah,  they got the money and they control media, medicine and the whore politicians who serve them, but their story is ridiculous and stupid.

The Ukrainian government is a puppet state and corrupt and criminal organization.  There is nothing to be proud of or right about defending that cesspool.

What a WAR We Are In!

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