When the Madness Creates Comedy

The madness and insanity that grip our world these days are causing great stress and anxiety for many people.  The propaganda, misinformation and constant fear porn are too much for many people to bear. You can see them breaking down mentally and emotionally as they try to process all that BS and gaslighting.  This war is being fought with information lies and the inversion of trusted organizations.  For many people, this shifting of truth and reality in their lives causes them to say crazy things and act out.  They are casualties of the war we are in.

One fella down in Texas is making his acting debut at City Council meetings. He is drawing on all the crazy news and contorted speech to create what are parody or comedy skits delivered at public hearings.



And this….


Many people would do well to stop watching all mainstream media. They are being assaulted and damaged by that weaponized media. You see them in your life. They are stressed and living on a hair trigger to emotional outburst, spouting back some mishmash of all the lies, misinformation and propaganda they have been exposed to.

They are casualties in this war…. walking wounded, mentally breaking or broken. They can’t process the lies, misinformation and propaganda… and they break. Their trusted organizations and news sources have been captured and inverted, leaving many un-tethered from reality.  Crazy… believing crazy things and harming themselves and family and friends in their confusion.  An example: some folks still think getting a CV19 VAXX and Booster is a good thing to do. They are harming and killing themselves and oftentimes also their children and family.

This War we are all in is brutal and is being fought without mercy. Many people are breaking. You can see them wearing a mask in a car alone or while walking down the street, or taking their children to get a CV19 VAXX or Booster. They are confused, traumatized and in many cases will harm and kill themselves, others and those they love.  Here is an example of such confusion:


Such Is The WAR We Are In

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