Killing the Italian People…

The woman speaking on this video sees the mounting harm and death but does not seem to understand her People have been attacked and are being harmed and killed by a bio-weapon:

The Italian People are 90% VAXXed…. we can only pray many got a placebo or saline solution during this experiment. Sadly, many will take the Booster and get a very full doze of the killing agents. These People seem blind – as do so many others in other countries also under attack – to the War being waged upon them and to the reality that the VAXX is the bio-weapon of harm and death.

The Italian people – like other Christian European people and nations – are targeted for elimination: to be wiped from the face of the Earth. There are very powerful groups that are acting to wipe the Italian culture and People – and other Western cultures and People – from the face of the Earth.

The Italian People – like other western cultures and nations – are under attack. The CV19 VAXX is a bio-weapon. It will sterilize, harm and kill you and your family. It seems well designed to do that.

Such Is The WAR We Are In

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