CV19 VAXX – Harm and Killing

The more data that comes out on the effects of the CV19 VAXX the more concerning is that news. There is great harm and death hitting those folks who have taken the CV19 VAXX and Boosters.

Watch this video from Greg Hunters show that aired on March 23, 2022. The VAXX is delivering AIDS:

CV19 VAXX Harm
Here are two more recent videos from the Mel K show also describing the harm and danger of the CV19 VAXX

and this with Karen Kingston


These are just a few of the many hundreds of videos warning about the harm caused by the CV19 VAXX.  The harm and death is brutal and stunning, and it is only getting worse over time as the effects of the VAXX kick-in.

Many people believed folks like Dr Anthony Fauci, so they got the CV19 VAXX and the Booster. Unless they got a shot from a batch that was a placebo, those folks who have taken the CV19 VAXX and especially the Boosters have done great harm to themselves.

Sadly, some of these people also had their children VAXXed. That is brutally sad. People in their confusion have done great harm to their children, to their family and to their friends. How will they live with themselves when they accept and realize what they have done… what they have fallen for?


Why is this man not in jail and charged with Mass Murder and Crimes Against Humanity?  The harm he has done and is doing to the American people is stunning!

Such Is The War We Are In


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