The Deaths Mount – The Denials and Cover-Up Continue

Even as more people around the world show the effects of VAXX injury, most people are being told by the various controlled media sources that the cause is unknown: that it’s not the VAXX.  That is a LIE.  It is the VAXX which is a bio-weapon and slow kill technology.

Doctors who have been at the forefront of trying to get truth out are still being attacked with loss of medical board certifications and sometimes their licenses to even practice medicine.  We suffer from regulatory capture: that is, the regulating bodies have been populated by shills and stooges who cover-up the VAXX bio-weapon harm and act to silence the professionals in the scientific and medical communities who have the courage to speak truth. Science and medicine have been corrupted and inverted.


Let’s take a look at some of the harm being inflicted on those who have taken the VAXX.  This is genocide… a slow kill and elimination of a people.


Ed Dowd updates us on the data.  The harm, injury and death are unfolding.


Folks are now being told to take the mRNA based flu shot for this year 2023.  The technology in the VAXX injections delivers a bio-weapon.  No one is being helped.  The VAXX does not protect you from infection or reduce transmission. Many are being injured, harmed and killed. This is “slow kill” delivery at a massive scale.  There is a WAR underway.  95% of the population is the target.

Karen Kingston continues to try to get the word out about what this VAXX technology is and the harm and death it is meant to bring:


It appears the dark malevolent forces are trying to kill Karen for the effort she has made to expose the technology and history of the VAXX bio-weapon. But Karen is not alone in speaking about the murderous effect of this advanced medical technology that is a bio-weapon being delivered to the worlds masses. Here are Hope and Tivon raising much the same alarm as Karen has repeatedly risked her life to raise.


Most of you – the 95% – are targeted for elimination. First up are the Christian western cultures of Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Those white, Christian peoples simply gotta go… and go first. They and their cultures and countries have been hammered and are being hammered. Wiped from the face of the Earth. There are groups who believe their prophecy that calls for these Sons of Esau, the Amalek People, the blood of Caine, the dark shards to be eliminated. That group of people believe they possess superior souls and that they are superior humans: Chabbad.  They act now to bring about the destruction of white Christian Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.  That is happening now.   They speak openly about it, but the victims don’t hear.

Even now, the old power structure waging this war is being broken and made financially broke. They can’t complete their plans that would have installed them as Kings and demi-Gods on Earth.  We the 95% of the little People on planet Earth have seen the dark struggle and shrieking madness.  What is to come?  CHANGE… the old power structure is melting away.  The UN is broke, as are many of the Elite families that have run the show on Earth for so long.  Penny Kelly tells of a future to come in her book, “Robes.”  Worth a read.

In the video below we have a woman finally recognize the WAR We Are All In.  She opens by speaking of the murders from the Maui fires of August 2023 to grab that land and destroy those people.  When it finally dawns on the others of us in the 95% of the little People how will those people react? We are witnessing MASS MURDER day after day. The CV19 VAXX roll-out is a lie and a Crime Against Humanity.  We are in a WAR. 5th Generation war. It swirls all around us. The bottom 95% of humanity is the target for elimination. MASS MURDER is going on all around us. The VAXX is a bio-weapon.  STOP believing and complying with all the lies from mainstream media and these globalist Elite. Don’t be docile sheep submitting to wearing a mask and injecting bio-weapons into your body.  Just say NO! Get it?

We Are In a WAR



The video below shows a group of people who have waged this war on humanity.  The panelist discuss this and also raise the alarm.  There are courageous People who are trying to stop the harm and damage inflicted by the lies and idiocy that would bring in another round of masking (that does not work to protect anyone) and more harmful and killing VAXX injections and CV19 boosters that are actually bio-weapons. Start at the <2:45> mark of this video…


UPDATE:  Those who received the CV19 Vaxx and boosters are the real health problem now. We have a “pandemic of the vaccinated.”  The VAXX did nothing to protect people from infection or from transmission.  The VAXX is a bio-weapon delivering a “slow kill”.  This is MASS MURDER and harm. The disabilities in the US population continue to climb – see the chart.

Dr. Betsy Eads warned about extreme disease and death coming from the CV19 bio-weapon vaxx.  She was one of a handful of doctors who told the truth from the beginning of the CV19 plandemic.  She said from the beginning that everything about CV19 from infection to injection was a lie.  She has been proven 100% correct.  Listen to the interview in the video below.  We are all witnessing a Crime Against Humanity and Mass Murder.

We need Nuremberg 2.0 trials of those who pushed out this harm, murder, fear and lies onto humanity.


The CV19 VAXX and Booster are a “slow kill technology”


The subtle evil of a slow kill technology is that most people don’t know they were attacked and are being killed or debilitated. In this war on humanity the Globalist Elite – such as folks found in the WEF  (Clif High calls them the MotherWEFers) – really like that. The VAXX serves to eventually and slowly get rid of all the “useless eaters”.

CV19 VAXX & Boosters = MASS MURDER

Here is a nice summary given in Congressional testimony. It is obvious the CV19 VAXX and boosters were instruments of harm. When do the entities who pushed out all these lies and harm and murder stand trial?


A Deliberate Attempt to Harm and Kill

Dr. Palmer warns, “We need to stop all mRNA vaccines because the technology is fundamentally flawed. It will always produce the outcome that the body will begin destroying itself. . . . we commonly see destruction of the blood vessels, and this causes blood clots. You destroy the blood vessels, and then you get strokes and heart attacks. . . .This is a deliberate agenda of killing, not by the person who applied the shots, they may be honestly deceived. This is murder by the people who conceived this entire vaccination agenda and instituted mandates. These people are guilty of murder.” Watch the video below to hear the rest…

This is getting ridiculous. The evidence that the CV19 VAXX is harmful, debilitating and killing is overwhelming. Trained scientist and doctors around the world say this time and time again. They are threatened and attacked for being honest and professional. The groups and people who have pushed out the fear, the lies and the CV19 VAXX should be brought to account for what they have done. This is MASS MURDER and the sterilization and harm to billions of People.

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