The Global War We Are In

Start at the <2:50> mark of this video and listen for a few minutes to hear an explanation of this global war we have all been living through these past couple of years:

Too bad that a large portion of humanity does not know we are all living through a global war that is targeted to destroy a large part of humanity. The Globalist Elite waging this war are monstrously evil.

Watching mainstream TV is to be exposed to propaganda, misinformation, fear porn and intentional directed manipulation of peoples mental and emotional state to weaken, exhaust and confuse them. All part of the war that is being waged. The methods used in this war – such as psychological warfare (PsyOps) – are brutal and delivered without pity.

To understand what is going on in the Ukraine watch this video starting at the <11:40> mark.  You need to understand who and what the Khazarian Mafia are.

Such Is The War We Are In

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