VAXX Harm and Mass Murder – Culling the Herd

We are seeing intentional harm and MASS MURDER in the USA with these crazy harmful VAXX mandates. The CDC is criminal. Medicine in the USA is corrupted and inverted to do harm. See the video below.  This is MADNESS and MASS MURDER. Happening in the USA right in front of us. It’s insanity.


VAXXing the children is viciously evil. It is an incredible infliction of harm on our children. EVIL!  But what else should we expect from the “leadership” now running the USA; politically, corporately and in regulatory agencies. It’s as if some group wants to kill and wipe from the face of the Earth billions of people.


Start at the <26:45> mark on this video:



Wait, there’s more. Start at the <2:00> mark of this video and learn about the exploding cancer deaths from those who took the CV19 jabb:



We know the VAXX does not prevent you from getting CV19 nor from transmitting CV19. But the VAXX seems very good at harming and killing people who are stupid enough to take it. And may God have mercy on their souls if they had their children take the jabb. Those parents are morons and have harmed their children.  Children are at very low risk from CV19… but the VAXX and Boosters are quite risky and do great harm and can kill children. Those experimental VAXXes are dangerous and harmful. The data shows that. Much of that data was known to and hidden from the public by the companies making and profiting off of these experimental VAXXes. Those are the facts.  Those facts are hidden from most people who only get their info from the lying mainstream news sources. We are witness to MASS MURDER and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.



But even at this late date in October 2022, the VAXX is still being pushed by the CDC and FDA. This is stunning.  It is horrible. It is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.
The Authorities Are Our Enemies
The people who run things in this country don’t deserve your respect or allegiance.  They Are at War With You.  They want you and your children dead.   Read More>>


It is amazing that there are so many stupid or ignorant People in our society who don’t realize that the VAXX is a bio-weapon and slow kill technology.

Here is what embalmers and funeral home workers are now seeing in the dead. A new type of blood clot is now showing up in the VAXXed dead. Start at the <2:00> mark in this video:


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