Biden – the Sock Puppet

Of course Biden is just a manipulated and controlled demented sock puppet. It would be interesting to know who is running him.

Biden’s soul mate:


Biden - The Sock Puppet
Demented Clown

The disrespect the powerful Elite have for the American People is manifest by them running this ridiculous clown show with Biden as the “President”. They are letting us know this is all total shit and we the little People don’t matter and can’t do a damn thing about it – we don’t matter – at all. Many of us are so gullible and stupid as to believe Biden is actually the fairly elected President. It is easy to understand why the Globalist Elite cabal does not respect people who are that stupid.

Madness and incredible stupidity are manifest all around us in the USA. There are many Americans who believe today that getting the VAXX and Boosters and wearing masks is the right thing to do. They are that stupid. Almost like farm animals in their stupidity and gullibility.

UPDATE (April 2023): The United States Federal government is led by people who never completed a lawful Oath of Office. Watch the video below…

Here is the Writ mentioned in the video above – Writ of Quo Warranto with Exhibits Final

When the people in leadership positions in the US Government have not lawfully taken office, then what of their acts? What authority do they really have?

Such Is The WAR We Are In
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