The BIG Covid19 LIE

For those who sit in front of a TV and get fed an endless diet of fear porn and misinformation, the message is powerful to take the CV19 jab. The relentless TV messages tell us the CV19 vaccines are safe… no problem. Well, there are problems and deep, significant concerns with those mRNA treatments and similar “vaccines”.
But the voices that point out those concerns are aggressively silenced and all we hear is the sort of message as shown in this video pouring forth:
Read the Comments below the video:
The message that pours out from mainstream media is “take the vaccine!! It is safe!!”  Sadly, there is much evidence to suggest those mRNA treatments are not at all safe and will do great harm.
Here are reactions from a few people to the CV19 vaccine:
That video shows what these experimental “vaccines” can do.
But culling the herd seems to be the plan. Death seems to be on the agenda for many. Reduce the population. It’d called a Slow Kill. Those mRNA treatments are a great example of a Slow Kill technology.
Why in the world would anyone risk the negative side effects of the mRNA treatments when the recent data clearly shows the CV19 mortality rates are very low, especially for those 50 and younger – and almost non-existent for those 19 and younger? Why in the world would anyone 50 or younger take the risk of the CV19 mRNA inoculation when the mortality rates for CV19 are very, very low? It makes no sense.
And even if someone gets CV19 – which for most folks is mild to no symptoms – and is in that small group that has a bad reaction, for them there are very effective treatments  – such as HCL and zinc – that quickly help that small group. Those are cheap, effective and low risk drugs if needed to treat a CV19 patient having a bad case. It makes NO SENSE to take a risky experimental mRNA treatment given the data on CV19. And those experimental mRNA treatments have a low protection rate and short life. Will folks get their 8 month – or whatever timeframe – mRNA boosters too? Will people line-up for another round of an experimental mRNA treatment that has significant downside risks compared to CV19 itself which has very low mortality rates with readily available cheap, low risk drugs that can treat those who even have a bad event of CV19? This makes NO sense.
Do masks work? No, they are not effective. Might as well be wearing a magic talisman. Do lockdowns work? NO, and those lockdowns create fear, poverty and hurt people and destroy economies. This makes NO SENSE. Global leadership is harming people again and again. What is the agenda? Well, those Globalist Elite folks tell you the agenda – as do their shills and lackeys  in media and entertainment… it’s called the Great Reset, or Agenda 2030, or the New World Order. Our submission to this Covid 19 bullshit is ushering in those shitty agendas that suck for the bottom 95% of humanity.
And what has the data shown us here in early 2021 on death rates in 2020 compared to 2019, 2018, 2017? We are seeing the dramatic drop and disappearance of deaths from heart problems and other regular yearly causes of deaths, to include the seasonal flu. The number of overall deaths per year is not spiking up. Instead, there is a spike in what is labelled a CV19 death while other regular causes of death have dropped dramatically. Deaths are labelled CV19 now. That is to produce fear. Call it CV19 when someone dies. It is a data manipulation and a BIG lie.
The Global Elites are using this CV19 BS to bring about their Great Reset, their Agenda 2030, their New World Order. Good for them, but terrible for the bottom 95% of humanity who are being driven into debt slavery and a pauper/serf status in this “New Normal” world being created by the GREAT CV19 LIE.
TV and internet personalities are being used to lead the Sheeple to slaughter. Those celebrities are acting as Judas goats. And we can be sure they are well paid and rewarded for supporting the BIG CV19 LIE. This is disgraceful.
It is sad to think of all the young people who will be hurt by these unneeded mRNA treatments that can and likely will harm them, make some of them infertile, and make them MORE susceptible to the SARS Coronavirus down the road.  When that round of illness and death comes around for the mRNA inoculated population there is no doubt this intentional and avoidable harm and slaughter will be used by the Globalist Elite for a new round of fear porn, lock-downs, inoculations and destruction.  Like the Georgia Guidestones make clear, getting the world population down t0 5oo mllion from the current 7.8 billion is on the agenda. That’s the vision of an elite few. Good for them, terrible for those who are culled. But that vision is carved in stone for all to see. Good of them to let us know, and funny how evil seems to have a need to tell you what they’re going to do before they do it.
Already, here in early 2021, the TV media fear porn is talking about CV19  virus “variants”. Scary variants. It is more fear porn from media: more data lies and misinformation from media to terrify the bottom 95% and beat them down further. Submit to the fear and submit to the Great Reset (or whatever they label it) seems to be the constant message. Too many of the bottom 95% of the population are falling for this BS and surrendering their freedoms and good sense due to their fear caused by watching mainstream TV and listening to the constant lies.
Sadly, many of the bottom 95% never hear or see anything but the misinformation, propaganda and fear porn pouring out from their mind numbing TV sets which many  voluntary sit in front of for hours each day. They volunteer to be manipulated, lied to, and beaten into submission. And they are made afraid by the fear porn they see and hear and then line-up to get the experimental mRNA treatments. Amazing! What a display of power we see from the Globalist Elite who are running this shitshow. How pitiful it is to watch humanity submit.

Rites and Rituals

Consider the recent 2021 Super Bowl halftime show. Why not something simple and entertaining instead of another dark Satanic ritual? These rituals are important to the Globalist Elite who own and control the media. Ritual and rites guide their lives and agenda. You might not believe in this stuff, but you need to know THEY DO. It is crazy how the Olympics and events like the Super Bowl are now regular massive rites and rituals on display: Super Bowl Halftime Show – Another Ritual  <– Watch how this becomes a ghosts in the graveyard like ritual.


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